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Words from our patients

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    "My grandparents are comfortable and feel as if they’re getting the best services. They recommend their services to those who are in need of it :)"

    Esperanza M.
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    "I am very impressed with Dr Hussians staff. Everyone was very efficient and helpful. Patti is very patient and knowledgeable."

    Klo B.
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    "Superb service for this office’s practice. They’re thorough on presenting the patient knowledge without being pushy. Bedside manner is excellent."

    Ryan S.
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    "These guys are the best! Dr. Husain is a fantastic doctor. He’s very thorough and personable, and very knowledgeable."

    Danny H.
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    "Thank you so much South Mountain Cardiology Team and especially to Dr. Husain for taking care my uncle so well...."

    Erez G.
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    "By far the best doctor I have ever met! He goes above and beyond to provide the best care to his patients."

    Andrea N.
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    "This was my first exposure anything related to cardiology and I have to say that this office provided excellent service."

    Ivan G.
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    "This office is amazing! The best cardio doctor I’ve had! He is so compassionate and actually cares what I have to say."

    Mama M.
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    "This cardiologist was very attentive and payed attention to my needs great bedside manner when answer questions."

    Tayea F.
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    "Dr. Husain and Patty Cox take their time to answer questions and explain everything without being condescending."

    Nikki N.
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    "Patty and the staff at South Mountain were professional and very compassionate. I went in for a consultation and was very pleased with the service"

    Alexander S.
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    "Patti is so wonderful, she is kind, patient and very knowledgeable! She will definitely help u reach your health care goals."

    Gezelle H.